Rontek Pro


AC Power 
Protection Modes L-N, L-G, N-G
Power Cord 6A
Peak Impulse Current 35,000A
Maximum Current Rating 6A
Line Voltage 230V, 50 Hz
Energy Dissipation 2125 Joules
Catastrophic Surge Circuit Yes
Auto Resetting Under Voltage-Shutoff 203 +/-6V
Auto Resetting Over-Voltage -Shutoff 248 +/-6V
Regulation  –
Outlets 9 Universal Sockets
Resettable Fuse YES
Always ON 1 Socket
LAN Circuits
Wires Protected 8-wires
Connectors RJ-45
Compatibility 10/100bt
Clamping Level 52V
Universal Coaxial Protection
Shielded YES
Insertion Loss <0.5dB
HD 1080 I/P Ready YES
Frequency Range 0 MHz-2.2 GHz
Connections Femle “F”
Clamping Level 75V
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 17inch x 9.5inch x 3.5inch
Meter Indications
Energy Consumed
Active Power With Threshold Warning Indicator


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