Home Theatre

Your Personal Theatre

Set-up your own theatre

Building your dream home theater can be the best thing  to your home and your life. They are a great way to relax and spend fun time with family and friends.

While planning the home theater often people begin by looking for the equipment, but there is something far more important – the design of the room. 

At RONTEK, we work to create your perfect home entertainment venue. Our THX certified professionals can transform any small or large room to a Home theatre of your dreams. This includes fully integrated consultation and implementation from design concept, Electrical, Acoustics Lighting and Automation to follow-up and maintenance care.  

Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or rustic.  Whether you need just one TV or a full video projection system, our rooms tell a story and create a mood. When we are done, you will have an audio visual experience like no other.  We can integrate a system with the top of the line audio, video, and home electronics technology, integrated with custom-designed cabinetry, lighting mood controls and quality seating-if you so choose. We’ll demonstrate and explain every small detail and how every tiny button works.  

Sight Lines

You don’t want people having to look over or around someone’s head, or stretch their necks to see the screen. This will surely spoil the theater experience. Sight Lines are a tricky thing to handle and it can make or break your home theater room. RONTEK experts can  ensure that all your guest see all the picture and enjoy highest quality video.

Screen  Size

The aim here is that the image from a top-quality projector should reflect your eyes from a big movie screen, precisely similar to what happens in a movie theater. It’s very important to select the perfect screen size according to your room. Several factors like size of the screen, its height off the floor, and the number of seats you have are needed to be considered for your home-theater design.


Your family and guests should be able to experience pristine video and audio as ‘Live as it can get!.  It’s no fun if you can’t hear the direct accurate sound reproduction. Speaker placement and sound treatment by way of absorption and diffusion in right measures is critical factor to be considered in designing a dedicated home theater.