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Power Conditioners are critical for the protection, longevity and the performance of your electronics. Understanding the need for it is as important as actually implementing it in your projects. Rontek Systems , provides you with a wide range of power conditioners which can be categorized based on your size and nature of the installation

RONTEK Power Management System


AViRON Power Management System – Comparison Chart

Features & Specifications AViRON HTS – Home AV AviRON LX – General Purpose AViRON PRO Professional Audio
Voltage Regulation Yes – Corrects input Voltage between 170 VAC and 260 VAC | Output= 220 VAC +/- 10% NO NO
Catastrophic Voltage Protection Auto shut-off and recovery 245 VAC YES YES YES
Catastrophic mains Spike & Surge protection | energy dissipation 2100 joules YES YES YES
Load Capacity 1 KVA & 2 KVA 1.2 KVA & 3.5 KVA 3.5 KVA & 7KVA
Earth Fault Detection – Protection by auto Output shut off and recovery YES YES YES
Lightning Surge and ESD protection on Coaxial cable YES NO NO
Surge and ESD protection on LAN cable YES RJ45 8 Wires NO NO
Multi-Function Backlit Display + LED notification | Output voltage, Current, Power,and Unit | High-Low voltage Earth fault | Sequenced o/p ON | Resettable Fuse blown YES Digital Voltmeter + LED notification YES
Output Sockets 9 Universal Choice : 9 Universal | 8 Shuko Choice : 9 Universal | 8 Shuko or 8 IEC
Linearly filtered isolated Output banks | Level 3+ EMI& RF filters 2 Banks 2 Banks 3 Banks
Sequenced delayed output between banks | 3 secs YES YES YES

Clean, Stable Power is
key to great Audio and
Video performance

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