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“Crafting Need-Based Audio and Power Electronics for India for Over 25+ Years”

Our Story

Established over two decades ago, RONTEK has dedicated its efforts to the development of solution oriented Audio and Power Electronics products tailored specifically for the Indian market. Initially focusing on power products for the telecom and electronic weighing instruments industry, RONTEK’s evolution stemmed from a fervent commitment to delivering high-quality audio solutions for both home and business environments.

With a track record of reliability and excellence spanning decades, RONTEK has emerged as the preferred brand among numerous leading business entities. At the heart of our operations lies a dedicated in-house Research and Development team comprising both stage musicians, off-stage sound engineers, and seasoned professionals in power electronics.

All RONTEK products proudly bear the label of “Made in India,” reflecting our deep understanding of the unique requirements within the Indian market for both audio and power electronics solutions. Presently, RONTEK boasts a diverse portfolio encompassing over 30 amplifier variants designed for business music and power management systems, with continual additions based on market demands.

Looking ahead, RONTEK remains committed to expanding its production capabilities through its steadfast adherence to the “Make in India” initiative. Our aspiration is to elevate our products to meet international standards, positioning them as globally competitive offerings in the near future.


Jacob, known fondly as Ronny among friends, attributes his passion for Physics, Electronics, Guitar playing, and Aero-modelling to his formative years in school. His musical journey began early as a choir boy, progressing to self-taught guitar playing. While in college, Jacob’s craftsmanship flourished as he constructed his own guitar and amplifier, earning recognition as a distinguished musician with numerous college-level accolades and notable appearances on local television alongside a renowned vocalist.

It was during his tenure as a guitarist for a prominent Bangalore-based Gospel band that Jacob recognized the paramount importance of superior sound and acoustics in enhancing musical performances. This realization ignited his focus on “Miking a Joyful Sound.” Through extensive research and collaboration with various Churches, Jacob pioneered sound quality advancements, advocating for a design-centric, custom-tailored approach over conventional, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Drawing from his experiences in aero-modelling and gliding during his days as an NCC cadet, Jacob once aspired to be a fighter pilot. However, his journey has since evolved from the pursuit of breaking the sound barrier to breaking barriers to superior sound quality. Jacob’s unwavering dedication has propelled RONTEK to develop innovative, design-centric solutions catering to diverse needs in Churches, Automobiles, Auditoriums, resorts, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and unparalleled sound reinforcement and reproduction capabilities.

Mission Statement

At RONTEK SYSTEMS, our mission is to deliver unparalleled excellence in both products and services to our valued customers, aiming to set industry benchmarks for quality and innovation. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining leadership in our field is unwavering, driven by our dedication to integrity and continual improvement.

We are dedicated to achieving sustainable profitability, allowing us to reinvest in our business, foster innovation, and maintain our position as an industry leader. Our success is founded upon the collective dedication, innovation, and integrity of our team, both individually and collaboratively.

Moreover, we are committed to fostering an environment where our employees have the opportunity for personal and professional growth, empowering them to reach their fullest potential within our organization.

Our Values

At the heart of our company are values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to delivering exceptional audio solutions that enhance experiences and exceed expectations, ensuring every product is crafted with precision and care.



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