Key Features

• Rack Mountable Power Distribution Unit • Sequenced & Isolated Output Banks • 3+ Level Filtration and Cleanup of Power for un-compromised Sound & Picture Quality • Complete protection against catastrophic voltage, spikes and surges • Multi-information Backlit Display • Sequenced outlet banks – 2 Banks | 7 Universal Sockets | 1 Unswitched

Additional Features

Un-COMPROMISED SOUND & PICTURE QUALITY Level 3+ Power Cleaning and filtration eliminates common elements of contaminated power. This ensures delivery of un-compromised quality through advanced power purification. MONITORS, INDICATES and PROTECTS The Automatic Voltage Monitoring Circuitry continuously monitors incoming power as displayed on the LED/LCD display. In case of voltage drop or over voltage situations, power supply to the equipment is automatically cut off. When the voltage is normalised, power to the equipment is automatically restored. EARTH FAULT Detection A good earth is a must for dissipation of noise, transients and surges. AViRON continually monitors for ground fault conditions and notifies you through a beep and an LED indication if there is an earth fault. REDUCES CROSS-CONTAMINATION BETWEEN COMPONENTS AViRON is designed to provide noise isolation between two isolated outlet banks. Also featured in are two high current outlets to ensure consistent peak operation between components regardless of load conditions, answering the challenge of corrupted power line.
Protection ModeL-N, L-G, N-G
Power Cord1.5 mtr
Peak Impulse current35,000 A
Max Current15 Amps
Line Voltage230 Volts. 50 Hz
Energy dissipation2125 joules
Catastrophic Surge CircuitYes
Auto-resetting under voltage shutoff 190 Volts
Auto-resetting over voltage shutoff 260 Volts
Outlets7 Universal sockets| 1 socket always ON for settop box & router | 2 banks of 3 sockets each linearly filtered and isolated